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Extech 381676A 9 Function Pen Multimeter + NCV

Original price was: ₨19,800.Current price is: ₨16,500.
Auto/Manual Ranging Pen Multimeter with Non-Contact Voltage Detector: The Extech 381676A is a Pen Styled Multimeter with a Built in NCV detector. The 381676A features nine functions including AC/DC voltage to 600V, AC/DC Current to 200mA, Resistance, as well as Logic, Diode and Continuity tests. This meter has an easy to use rotary dial with alligator clips for one handed operation. Its convenient built in non-contact voltage detector allows for quick detection of live voltage. The 381676 has a CAT III-600V rating and comes complete with test leads, alligator clips, batteries, manual and soft case.

Extech 445713-TP Big Digit Indoor/Outdoor Hygro-Thermometer

Original price was: ₨19,800.Current price is: ₨16,500.
Compact Hygro-Thermometer with Detachable Probe: The 445713-TP is a Big Digit Indoor/Outdoor Hydro-thermometer. This versatile thermometer simultaneously displays indoor temperature, relative humidity and outdoor temperature.

Extech HD350 Pitot Tube Anemometer + Differential Manometer

Original price was: ₨96,800.Current price is: ₨94,500.
The HD350 is a Pitot tube anemometer and differential manometer. Measures Differential pressure in 5 selectable units of measure and includes a Pitot tube and 2 connection hoses for measuring Air Velocity/Air Flow. Additional features include data hold, auto power off, zero function, plus manually record/recall up to 99 readings. Built-in USB port. Complete with software and USB cable, 9V battery, pitot tube with two 33.5 in. (85 cm) connection hoses, 100-240 Volt universal AC Adaptor and hard carrying case.

Extech HD750 Differential Pressure Manometer (5psi)

Original price was: ₨98,000.Current price is: ₨88,000.
Low range (0 to 5psi), High Resolution (0.001psi) Gauge/Differential Pressure meter: Offering 11 selectable units of measure, the HD750 Differential Pressure Manometer can serve as a low range/high resolution Gauge or provide Differential Pressure up to 0 to 138.3 in. H2O (inches of water)

Extech PQ3450 3-Phase Power Analyzer/Datalogger

Original price was: ₨958,000.Current price is: ₨912,500.
Datalogging Power Analyzer (up to 30,000 sets of measurements): The PQ3450 is a 3-phase power analyzer/data logger capable of logging up to 30,000 sets of measurements in Excel format on a removable SD memory card. The product is easy-to-hold with a rugged over molded housing and features a built-in clock and calendar, 35 parameters and a CAT III 600V safety rating. Complete with a year warranty, 4 voltage leads with alligator clips, 8 AA batteries, SD card, 100-240 Volt AC adaptor and case. Clamp probes sold separately.

Extech RH520A-220 Humidity+Temperature Chart Recorder

Original price was: ₨103,000.Current price is: ₨96,500.
This paperless chart recorder provides simultaneous digital and graphical display of relative humidity and temperature. The display also shows dew point, date and time and Min/Max measurements. Stored readings can be recalled on the display or downloaded to a PC to obtain a permanent record. Provisions for wall mounting or the control panel swivels to act as a desk stand.

Extech RHT10 Humidity and Temperature USB Datalogger

Original price was: ₨22,800.Current price is: ₨19,800.
EXTECH INSTRUMENTS RHT10 Humidity and Temperature USB Datalogger, Datalogs 32000 Readings, Dew Point Indication Via Windows Software (Included), User-programmable Alarm Thresholds for RH and Temperature
  • 32,000 readings (16,000 for each parameter: Humidity/Temperature)
  • Selectable data sampling rate: 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s, 1m, 5m, 10m, 30m, 1hr, 2hr, 3hr, 6hr, 12hr, 24hr
  • Dew point indication via Windows® software (included)

Extech TM500 12-Channel Datalogging Thermometer

Original price was: ₨289,500.Current price is: ₨265,800.
The TM500 is a 12-Channel Datalogging Thermometer. This Datalogging Thermometer features 6 Thermocouple Types (J, K, E, T, R, S). Displays CH1 to CH8 or CH9 to CH12 on screen, data can be recorded from all 12 channels simultaneously onto an SD card in Excel format for further analysis. Complete with 8 AA batteries, 12 general purpose Type K bead wire temperature probes, SD card, and hard carrying case.