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Fluke 712B RTD Calibrators

Key Features *Highly accurate, full-featured, easy-to-use single-function RTD temperature calibrator *Measures and simulates 13 different RTD types and resistance *Measures 4 to 20 mA signals while simultaneously sourcing a temperature signal *Comes with a magnetic hanging tool designed for convenient hands-free operation *Features configurable 0% and 100% source settings for quick 25% linearity checks

High Voltage Probe HVP-40

MAX. Voltage: DC: 40KV, AC: 28KV, (50/60Hz only) CAT II. 1000M Ohm Input Impedance. Accuracy - DC: +- 1% to 20KV. +- 2% to 40KV. AC : -5% to -10% (50/60Hz) Division Ration: 1000:1 CE, TUV GS, UL, CUL, IEC1010.

MASTECH MS5203 Insulation Testers

Features ● Auto Power Off ● MIN/MAX/AVG ● Compare function ● ΤΙΜΕR ● Storage function ● DAR/PASS ● Backlight ●

Smart Sensor AR944 Under Ground Metal Detector

They usually consist of sensor probes that sweep across the floor. Usually, the device will provide some distance indication; The closer the metal, the higher the reading. Depth Range 1.5M/2.5M

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge GM100

This ultrasonic thickness gauge is an intelligent handhold product, which adopts ultrasonic measuring principle, and is controlled by micro processor, provides quick and precise measurement of thickness for most of industrial material. This unit is widely used in various precise measurement for different hardware / parts in industrial realm; one of its important applications is to monitor the level of  during operation of various and pressure container. Diffusely applied in manufacture fields, metal processing,and commercial inspection. The material that conduct and reflect constant sonic velocity, this product is to be applicable to used.