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ST-125G Digital Moisture Meter

Moisture Meters. ST-125H/125G series moisture meters are used for testing moisture in wood, plaster, and building materials. Integrated characteristics for

ST-70 Digital Deep-Frying Oil Tester

ST-70 is a handy measuring instrument for fast testing of cooking oils. It can display the temperature of the cooking oil and TPM value.The TPM value (total polar materials) enables a statement on the ageing of cooking oils due to the effects of heat.

Standard SC-05 Sound Level Calibrator

Sound Level Calibrator 94dB and 114dB Sound Calibration at 1kHz; Accurate and simple to use; Fits 1/2” diameter microphone. Output Sound Pressure Levels 114dB and 94dB re 20 uPa under refrence conditions. Output Frequency 1000Hz, ±4% Reference Temperature Conditions >23ºC (73ºF) Atmospheric pressure >1013 mbar (760mm of Hg) Relative humidity >65%RH Accuracy of Sound Pressure Level Under stated reference environment conditions ±0.5dB

Standard ST-174B Humidity/Temperature & Pressure Dataloggers

Humidity/Temperature & Pressure Dataloggers Alarm setup and indication Recording and low battery indication Manual and automatic start mode USB port for data traffic and power supply Status indication via Red/Yellow LED and Green LED

Standard ST-178A 3-Axis Vibration Dataloggers

3-Axis Vibration Dataloggers DT-178A is engineered to record acceleration data of vibration,it will record and time 3-axis vibrations and peaks to provide a history of shock/vibration conditions. and it will record the time when freefall happens. It measures and computes real-time spectral data using an FFT(Fast Fourier Transform) from 0 to 60 Hertz.The 178B is Vibration, humidity and temperature Datalogger

Standard ST-186 Anemometer Dataloggers

Anemometer Dataloggers 1.Alarm setup and indication 2.Recording and low battery indication 3.Manual and automatic start mode 4.USB port for data traffic and power supply 5.Status indication via Red/Yellow LED and Green LED 6.Analysis software windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7

Standard ST-191A Plug-PDF Temperature/Humidity dataloggers


Plug-PDF Temperature/Humidity dataloggers

DT-191 series Plug-PDF Temperature/Humidity datalogger can monitor temperature and humidity values effi ciently and conveniently for long time by using the Datalogger.

The readings are saved in the logger and simply read out by your PC with USB interface.

Standard ST-9054 RCD Tester

RCD Tester Fully programmed operation Accurate digital read out of tripping time and Current 450ms readout for testing latest delay action breakers Two LED lamps give quick check for correct wiring Compact, lightweight and simple to operate Zero cross circuitry permits testing at 0° and 180° portion of sine wave

Standard AT-8 Contact/Non-contact Digital Tachometers

Contact/Non-contact Digital Tachometers AT-8/AT-10 Digital Tachometer provides fast and accurate contact and Non-contact RPM and surface speed measurements of rotating objects. Wide measurement range and high resolution 40 readings memories Built-in laser pointer 5 digits LCD display

Standard BS-150 Video Borescope

Video Borescope 3.2" Color TFT LCD, supporting photo/video, time/date display and multilanguages. Video and images can also be transferred to your PC via the SD Card or USB cable(included). Waterproof(IP67) flexible gooseneck retains configured shape.

Standard CO-180 Carbon Monoxide Meters

Carbon Monoxide Meters CO-180/181 Carbon Monoxide Meter detects the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) and measures concentrations between 1-1000 parts per million (PPM). The Meter indicates the presence of CO by a reading on the LCD and a beeper tone. The beeper function much like clicking of a Geiger counter: Above 200 PPM, the beeper sounds continuously with the concentration of CO. From 35 PPM to 200 PPM, the beeper sounds discontinuously with the concentration of CO.

Standard CTL-1000 Cable Length Tester


Cable Length Tester

CLT-1000 cable length tester features high accuracy and fast reflection, which finds distance to using Time Domain Reflectometry

Standard IR-91 Panel Infrared Thermometer


Size (H x W x D): 71mm x 71mm x 87mm

Weight: 268g

Standard LA-1012 Cable Locator

The cable locator is a professional general-purpose cable locator. It is ideal for tracing cables in walls and underground, locating fuses/breakers on final circuits, and locating interruptions and short-circuits in cables and electrical floor heating systems. It can also be used for tracing metallic water and heating pipes. The unit is supplied as a complete kit comprising of a transmitter and receiver in a purpose made carry case. The receiver also incorporates a torch function for working in dimly lit locations. For all applications (live or dead cables) without additional instruments; the Set includes a transmitter and a receiver; Proven digitally coded sender signal guarantees clear signal identification; Transmitter with LCD-display for transmitting level, transmitting code, and external voltage Receiver with backlight LCD-display for level of receiving signal, code of receiving signal and live voltage indication Automatic or manual adjustment of receiving signal sensitivity; Acoustical receiving signal switchable; Auto Power Off; Additional torch lamp function for working in dark environment; Additional transmitters are available for extension of to distinguish between several signals.

Standard ST-128M Building Material Moisture Meter

128M/128H is the NON-Contact Moisture Meter, It is an electronic dampness indicator with a measuring process working on the principle of high frequency. The instrument is used for non-destructively tracing dampness in building materials of all kinds as well as for detecting damp distribution in walls, ceilings, and floors. It is particularly suitable for pre-testing the readiness of building materials for covering before CM measurement.

Standard ST-1307 Solar Power Meter

Solar Power Meter Sunlight measurement up to 1999w/m2 or 634BTU/(ft2*h) High accuracy and rapid response Data Hold funtction to hold measurement values Unit and sign display for easy reading Measuring unit selection among w/m2 and BTU/(ft2*h) Manual scale selection Direct reading with no adjustments needed Maximum and minimum values Low battery indication

Standard ST-1309 Light Meters

Light Meters DT-1300/1301/1308 are easy to use with pocket size and light weight, providing accurate display light level in terms of Foot Candles (FC) or LUX over wide range. Just turning the Function Switch to select the “lux” scale and setting the range to desired range, then removing the photo detector to light source in a horizontal position and reading the illuminance norminal from the LCD display. When the measurement is completed, replace the photodetector from the light source. Over-range indication Long life silicon photo diode inside Measurement rate:1.5 times per second

Standard ST-155 Intelligent Semiconductor Analyzer

Intelligent Semiconductor Analyzer The intelligent semiconductor Component analyzer offers great features together with refreshing simplicity.
Automatic component type identification Automatic pinout identification, just connect any way round. Special feature identification such as diode protection and resistor shunts. Gain measurement for bipolar transistors. Leakage current measurement for bipolar transistors. Silicon and Germanium detection for bipolar transistors. Gate threshold measurement for Enhancement Mode MOSFETs. Semiconductor forward voltage measurement for diodes, LEDs and transistor Base-Emitter junctions. Automatic and manual power-off.

Standard ST-156 Coating Thickness Tester

Coating Thickness Tester Dual Technology Features Automatic Selection of Magnetic Induction or Eddy Current Measurement Techniques
Non-magnetic coatings (e.g. paint, zinc) on steel Insulating coatings (e.g. paint) on no-ferrous metals No-ferrous metals coatings on insulating substrates Menu operation system Two working modes: DIRECT and GROUP mode One-point calibration, two points calibration, and basic calibration easily Delete single readings and all group readings easily Low battery, error indication USB interface for PC software

Standard ST-157 Coating Thickness Tester

Coating Thickness Tester Dual Technology Features Automatic Selection of Magnetic Induction or Eddy Current Measurement Techniques. The measuring data is easily transferred to a PC for edit and storage. iCTT software for Coating Thickness Tester Meterbox iCTT - In worldwide, Meterbox iCTT is the first issue for the coating thickness tester to communicate with the smartphone by Bluetooth. The friendly user interface, multifunction scene mode, and standard reference data bring a new user experience and make the work relaxed. Meterbox iCTT allows reading the measured real-time data by Bluetooth, the displayed table and chart can be recorded and analyzed. The user can check the history data anytime and manage the measured readings easily by Meterbox iCTT.

Standard ST-171 Temperature and Humidity Dataloggers

Temperature and Humidity Dataloggers You can monitor temperature and humidity values efficiently and conveniently for long time periods by using the Datalogger. The readings are saved in the logger and simply read out by your PC with USB interface. Memory for 16000 (171) readings Temperature datalogger (170) Freely selectable measurement cycle from 2sec. to 24h Battery life: more than 3 years Display all status information through two LEDs Download collected data through USB interface Alarm display if user-defined maximum/minimum values exceed Analysis software used to view graph for logging data

Standard ST-172 Temperature and Humidity Dataloggers

Specifications:   172 172TK Temp range -40 to 70℃ -40 to 70℃ -40 to 158℉ -40 to 158℉ Temp Accuracy

Standard ST-185 Light Datalogger

Light Datalogger Alarm setup and indication Recording and low battery indication Manual and automatic start mode USB port for data transmission and power supply Status indication via Red/Yellow LED and Green LED Analysis software Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7

Standard ST-321S Humidity & Temperature Meters

Humidity & Temperature Meters DT-321 is a compact probe-size digital Hygro-Thermometer, ideal for field use with high performance. DT-321S is a fast response, high-accuracy digital Hygro-Thermometer with Dew point and wet bulb Temperature measurement. DT-321F with 8 8-inch Gooseneck detector makes it easy to measure the hard-reached areas. It’s fast response, high accuracy digital Hygro-Thermometer with Dew point & Wet bulb Temperature measurement.