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4 in 1 Multi Gas Analyzer AS8900

Smart Sensor gas detector is a device that detects the presence of gases in an area, often as part of a safety system. This type of equipment is used to detect a gas leak and interface with a control system so a process can be automatically shut down. A gas detector can sound an alarm to operators in the area where the leak is occurring, giving them the opportunity to leave. This type of device is important because there are many gases that can be harmful to organic life. Gas detectors can be used to detect combustible, flammable and toxic gases, and oxygen depletion, etc. This type of device is widely used in industry and can be found in locations, such as on oil rigs, to monitor manufacture processes and emerging technologies such as photovoltaic. They may also be used in firefighting. While many of the standard gas detector units were originally fabricated to detect one gas, modern multifunctional or multi-gas devices are capable of detecting several gases at once. Some detectors may be utilized as individual units to monitor small workspace areas, or units can be combined or linked together to create a protection system.

BENETECH GM-1362 Temperature & Humidity Meter

This digital humidity and temperature meter features high precision, quick response and high stability, can measure the temperature and humidity

BENETECH GM-1365 Temperature & Humidity Data Logger

Out of clusters of humidity and temperature instruments, this low power consumption Data-Logger combines the functions of signal-sampling, display,storage and analysis, widely be applied in the industries of medics, food, agriculture, laboratory, electronics, air-conditioning, weather service, archives management, archaeology study, fibre manufacturing and cold chain logistics, because this device can provide just-in-time solution of environment-monitoring, alerting and recording.

BENETECH Gm-1650 Infrared thermometer

This unit consist of Optics, Temperature Sensor Signal amplifier, Processing circuit and LCD Display. The Optics collected the infrared energy emitted by object and focus onto the Sensor. Then the sensor translates the energy into an electricity signal. This signal will be turned out to be digital shown on the LCD after the signal amplifier and processing circuit.

BENETECH GM-2200 Infrared Thermometer

This unit consists of optics system, photoelectric sensor, signal amplifier, signal process circuit and LCD. The optics system collects the infrared energy emitted by object and focus onto the sensor. Then the sensor translates the energy into electricity signal which will be turned out to be readings shown on the LCD by the signal amplifier and signal process circuit. Equipped with RS232 data export function, this product is surely to be a great help to your work.
Temperature range 200 ~ 2200℃ (392 ~ 3992℉)
Accuracy 200℃(392℉)~ 450℃(842℉): ±2℃ or ±2% 450℃(842℉)~ 1100℃(2012℉): ±3℃or ±3% 1100℃(2012℉)~ 2200℃(3992℉): ±4℃or ±3% whichever is bigger
Repeatability 1% of reading or 1℃
Time response 500 mSec, 95% response
Spectral response 900~1700 nm
Emissivity 0.10-1.00adjustable (pre-set 0.95)
Ambient operation range 0 ~40℃ (32 ~ 104℉)
Relative humidity 10-80% RH noncondensing
Storage -20 ~ 60℃ (-4~140℉)≤85%, without battery
Weight / Size 270G(without battery) ; 141 x 60 x 220mm
Power 9V Alkaline battery or 9V 500mA DC IN
Battery life(alkaline) Laser Models:10 hrs
Distance to spotsize 80:1

Digital Air Flow Anemometer GM 8901

LCD digital display anemometer is the ideal equipment to measure wind speed and temperature. Compact and lightweight, so you can fit in your pocket, very convenient. Designed with LED back light, it can be used in places without light. It can be used in places such as surfing, sailing, fishing, kite flying, climbing, etc. It can also be used for industrial and home use. Five wind speed units: m / s, km / h, ft / min, knots and mph

Digital Pocket Anemometer GM-816

Use large LCD screen to read data more easily. Light weight, simple operation, quick response, accurate measurement of various meteorological parameters, used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, meteorology, agriculture, refrigerated and dry labor hygiene survey, etc。

Digital Sound Level Meter GM 1357

Digital Sound Level Meter possesses the following features: 1. It is designed according to the IEC651 TYPE2 & ANSI S1.4 TYPE2 2. Accuracy up to +/- 1.5 dB 3. Measurement range: 30-130 dB 4. With two equivalent weighted sound pressure levels, A and C. 5. Fast & Slow dynamic characteristic modes. 6. AC and DC output for frequency analyzer level recorder, FFT analyzer, graphic recorder etc.