About us

With an experience of over two decades ACTIVE Electronics is an independent and socially committed company. We therefore think and act for the long term – in generations, not financial years. Our values provide us with guidance on how we can structure our company and deliver customer best satisfaction. They determine how we act and how we treat each other.

Our motivation

Customer feedback and fulfillment of their requirements gives us strength to direction on how we enhance our business model.

Our focus

Along with decades of experience and with our technical team we focus on providing the best solution to our customer. We believe in a long-term relationship with our clients. ACTIVE Electronics provides a wide range of products and services from all around the world based on special requests. ACTIVE Electronics believes in and bring UpToDate measurement technology into Pakistan market.

Our Expertise

We have experience in Industrial measurement technology, precision tools, commercial tools, GPS, Kitchen appliances, gadgets, health care products, gadgets and many more.

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